Nickelodeon Kid's Choise Awards 2017

Jingliks nominated for Kids' Choice Awards 2017 in the category Favorite Russian cartoon. Voting takes place on the website and also in Facebook and Twitter. Put hashtag #KCARussianCartoon #Jingliki Vote for Jingliks!


Jingliks in Shanghai

Animated series Jingliks (dir. Anton Vereshchagin) Studio Open Alliance Media nominated for prestigious Magnolia Awards for international television festival in Shanghai in two categories: Best Animation and the Best story. More information


Princess dress

Frosya is preparing for fashion show, and made the most beautiful dress. And Oh, no! Fedyunya and Bedokur managed this dress to mess! Now our Princess has two exits. The first is the easiest one: sit and cry. But the second one more difficult...

Episode 07


The rebel cleaner

How couldn't Kotya want to start general cleaning! As always Bedokur comes to help: maybe we should borrow Vanya's Robot assistant? For awhile? The main thing - don't press the red button and not activate the super-intelligence of the Robot...

Episode 06


Want a villain

One day Pankrat had become a real supervillain. However, what kind of supervillain with such a good heart? Here came that all Pankrat's "evil" eventually turned into a good thing.

Episode 05


Chef Bedokur

All country's monitors has a new (fourth!) episode of the animated series "Jingliks" called "Chef Bedokur". In it, according to tradition, there is fantastic animation, and unpredictable plot, favorite characters. The team "OPEN Alliance Media" strongly recommends to follow the link right now.

Episode 04


Children's Bookshelf by Oleg Roy

OPEN Alliance Media in collaboration with #1 in Russia mega market of electronic books present the unique project �Children's Bookshelf by Oleg Roy�! Monthly updated, the bookshelf now offer 7 editions with color and black-and-white illustrations!


The Third Floor

The premiere of the third episode of "Jingliks" series called "The Third Floor" was dedicated to the International Children's Day. It took place simultaneously at two iconic events: presentation on the main stage of the First Animation Festival "Multimir" in Moscow and on the Red Square as part of the Red Square Festival. One may learn about new adventures of Jingliks right now, watching a series on our Youtube channel,

Episode 03


The Bodyguard

Welcome "The Bodyguard" - the second episode of "JINGLIKS", launched especially for the Women's Day to please not only girls and their moms, but our strong men as well!

Episode 02


Sport is Bedokur's best friend

OPEN Alliance Media is happy to announce the launch of the first episode of the "JINGLIKS" called "Sport is Bedokur's best friend"! "JINGLIKS" is a large-scale Russian animated 3D series for family viewing with the popular children's fairy tales by Oleg Roy in the plot. The characters "came to life" thanks to the best animators under the guidance of director Anton Vereshchagin. Find more info in the section Projects.

Episode 01

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